New Orleans – 1/20/17 – Erin Rose, Willie Mae’s, Shaya and Herbsaint

Erin Rose
First thing in the morning this iced Irish coffee is amazing.  I could drink them until I was sick.
Tip:  Late night unfortunately they aren’t very frozen.

Willie Mae’s
We somehow got incredibly lucky and we’re the last table seated for late breakfast/super early lunch before a water leak forced Willie Mae’s to close for the rest of the day.


I may have insisted that we were doing double lunch as I couldn’t fathom coming to NOLA without a return trip to Shaya.  Love, love, love this place so much. #bestpitaever

baba ganoush, israeli salad, tershi, labneh, tabouleh, lutenitsa, pickles, ikra, moroccan carrots, wood roasted brussels

curried fried cauliflower hummus, caramelized onions, cilantro

falafel – cabbage salad and cucumber tzatziki

avocado toast – smoked whitefish and pink peppercorns

wood roasted cabbage – muhammara, tahini, hazelnuts


On my last trip to New Orleans I had planned to visit Herbsaint but swapped it out for another spot.  I am happy that I finally made it on this trip.  Definitely a very solid meal and so much better than two experiences on the previous trip so I am completely kicking myself.

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