Oslo – 6/30/18 – Maaemo

Perhaps the most perfect lunch I have ever had.  A gorgeous day and an amazing table with a view of the kitchen.  The brioche was one of my favorite dishes of the year and the smoked reindeer heart was a close runner up.  While Oslo wasn’t my favorite city, I will have to go back.

chilled cherry blossom tea

potato flatbread, smoked mountain trout and fermented turnip

brioche with bone marrow and sage

oysters and aged caviar with salt from the west coast, warm sauce of mussels and dill

smoked mackerel from the Oslo fjord, dried and fresh flowers

fresh scallop from Steigen in two servings, raw with white currant and black currant leaf, cooked in its shell with celeriac and gooseberries

gently steamed king crab claw, smoked scallop roe and lemon verbena
wild turbot poached in an emulsion made from turbot bones, sorrel and mushroom dashi
“Rommegrot” – a porridge of very sour cream, smoked reindeer heart and salted butter with plum vinegar

aged spring lamb with summer salad from Bergsmyrene Farm, garlic and plums from last year

frozen blue cheese with pickled black trumpet mushroom

Norwegian strawberries and cream, fresh roses, elderflower and rhubarb root

brown butter ice cream molasses and roasted hazelnuts

warm Norwegian waffles made with beef fat and koji grains, brown cheese, preserved berries and whipped romme

Oslo – 6/29/18 – Kontrast

wild parsnip with buckwheat

Tartar of wild salmon with potato and dill, deep fried salmon skin

tartar of lamb from Korsvold Farm

amackerel from Kristiansand marinated in fermented cherry juice and roseroot with radish and salsify

duck liver from Holte Farm, meadowsweet from Songsvann and pickled walnuts

king crab, grilled rhubarb with rose-hip from Bygdoy

Wild salmon from Namenfjorden, charred cucumber with sea arrow grass and wasabi leaves from Oksenoya
grilled summer cabbage with sauce of dried lobster and scallop with fermented lobster head and crab apples
veal from Grondalen Farm with sauce of horseradish, lovage and sour cream with turnip

Mangalitsa pig from Svartskog Farm, roasted garlic and swiss chard from Korsvold Farm

Kraftkar from Tingvollost, honey from Vulkan Beefarm

Ice cream made of bone marrow from Horgen Farm, granite of summer berries and rhubarb
Elderflower from Skott Farm, spanish chervil cream with elderflower ice cream

Jerusalem artichoke and coffee
apple marmalade
caramel of brown cheese from Prestholt in Hol