Nashville – 3/3/18 – Josephine, Urban Cowboy and Rolf & Daughters

A great stop for brunch in the increasingly packed 12 South neighborhood of Nashville.

baked oatmeal

bibb lettuce, bacon, croutons, radish, herb buttermilk dressing

quiche, arugula, country ham, caramelized onion

Urban Cowboy
We stopped at Urban Cowboy for an afternoon snack and a few cocktails.  Such a fun place, especially with a group and I was surprised by just how good the food was.  I can’t wait to go back.

charred olives & beef fat

smoked bread & smoked butter

raw beef, endive, apple, walnut

Rolf & Daughters
I will be honest, until I looked back at my photos all I remembered from this meal was the butternut squash salad.  It was so fantastic I reordered it for dessert.  I gave myself a terrible stomach ache and didn’t sleep at all, but it was completely worth it.  But the rest of the meal was pretty great as well.

butternut squash, salsa macha, mimolette, mint

lamb sausage, yellow eyed peas, chili, mustard greens

dry aged beef tartare, barley mayo, french breakfast radish, farro

rigatoni, pancetta, ceci bean, spinach, WI pecorino

garganella verde, heritage pork ragout, sarvecchio

beef short rib, salsa verde, caesar salad, sprouted rye


Nashville – 3/2/18 – Husk and Bastion

After watching the fried chicken episode of Ugly Delicious how could I not immediately head to Husk?  But it is really the pimento cheese that keeps me coming back.

Definitely go early for the fantastic bar in the front where you must order the nachos.  I had heard mixed things about Bastion and almost skipped it.  I’m so glad that I didn’t.  All delicious dishes, although did not find it quite enough food.  And I love when the dishes I am most skeptical of end up being my favorites – ie. the gizzard and XO carrots with sea urchin,

raw oyster + kimchee

raw beef + radish

sunchoke + pistachio

gizzard + peanut

XO carrots + sea urchin

beef tongue + rutabaga

grouper + chicken broth

sweet potato + pecan

strawberry + coconut

Nashville – 3/1/18 – Henrietta Red

Henrietta Red lived up to very high expectations.  But ending with fancy jello shots….awesome.

beef tartare – castelvetrano olive, preserved meyer lemon, cured egg yolk, brioche

roasted root vegetable salad, parsnip, radish, baby beet, buttermilk, dill, sesame seed

wood roasted oysters, dill, mustard butter, thyme breadcrumb

red butter lettuce, whole grain mustard, toasted almond, pickled turnip, orange, castelvetrano olive

red snapper crudo, cara cara orange, horseradish tarragon, quinoa

cauliflower steak, cashew aillade, sweet potato, pickled pepper, salsa verde

farro risotto, celery root, mushrooms, pine nuts, parmesan, scarlet frill

wild striped bass, oyster mushroom, creamed kale, mustard emulsion


Nashville – 9/18/15 – City House

I will always remember City House fondly as it is where I first met for drinks someone who I now consider to be one of my very best friends.  The circumstances are too lengthy for this post and it can always be awkward to meet people that you only know from Facebook or email.  It was lovely and as my mother and I left for dinner elsewhere she said “You should be friends with her.”  Occasionally yes you should still listen to your mother.  So nice to finally be back for a proper dinner with said friend and another who knew us separately before we knew each other.  It is indeed a small world.

Scrapple, Corn, Jimmy Nardello Peppers, Red Onion, Pepper dressing 
Clams, Limas, Peperonata, Parsley, Bread Crumbs
 Belly Ham, Mozzarella, Grana Padano, Oregano, Chilies

Chicken Sausage, Pole Beans, Sweet Onion Dressing, Peanuts
 White Corn Grits, Catfish, Tomato Dressing, Arugula

 Mystery dessert that I didn’t write down! 

Nashville – 9/20/15 – Husk

I have procrastinated for quite a while in writing this post because I hate to have to say anything negative about Husk.  I probably won’t ever stop coming here as I could live off of the pimento cheese.  But the service was truly terrible.  Actually nonexistent is probably a better description.  I loved my cocktail and wish I could have had another, except that after originally taking our order, our server never ever came back to our table. I will never understand when I want a drink which represents a high profit margin item and literally cannot order one.  And then evidently we had already eaten too much as we were not even offered a dessert menu and the check was dropped immediately when we finished eating.  I truly hope this was an anomaly but even when food is excellent, bad service can kill the entire experience.

Pimento Cheese with Benne Wafers
 White Lily Biscuits with Black Pepper and Sausage Gravy
 A Plate of Southern Vegetables