Jersey City, NJ – 11/28/15 – Bell & Gray

I’m not quite sure why the original Carrino Provisions did not really catch on when Talde next door seems quite popular. And based on this one visit I’m not sure if the re-do into Bell & Gray will catch on either.  Something about the front space just isn’t very cozy and when empty it seems VERY empty.  Service was incredibly friendly and everything we ordered was good. But overall the menu leans a bit too sports bar or heavy for my personal taste. I would definitely go back but perhaps not as frequently as next door.

The Jazzy Jeff Flatbread – crushed avocado, confit tomato, corn, pickled red onion

Kale taco salad – salsa verde, cheddar, onion, cilantro crema, tomato, black olive
 Shaved apple, roasted beet, peanuts, cheddar, cherry vinaigrette

Spare ribs – Dr. Pepper, black pepper, smoked paprika almonds

Crispy chicken wings, smoked molasses, chilis, gorgonzola ranch

Black zuchette, blue crab, garlic fondutta, jalapeño

Jersey City – 4/25/15 – Razza Pizza Artigianale

Its so great to see so many new places opening on the western side of the Hudson.  Razza is rather small and does not take reservations so a wait is very likely.  Unfortunately you actually have to stay and wait and they will not call or text you like so many other places now do.   Fortunately there is ample room to wait, but no seating so plan your footwear accordingly.  I may have skipped ordering the bread and butter if I hadn’t previously read so many great things about it.  The homemade butter was outstanding and next time I will definitely be having a double order.  The homemade bread from the wood fired oven was perfect accompaniment.  The pork pie sounds as good as it actually is and is baked with cubes of gelatinized pork which melt over the top while baking.  But most surprising was the panna cotta, a dessert I typically hate and completely avoid.  If only all were as dense as this and topped with a layer of salted caramel.

Ceci – chickpeas with CA EVOO and parmigiano reggiano

Bread and butter

Farmers salad

Special pizza of the day

Pork pie – pork broth, bacon, shaved onion, parmigiano

Panna cotta


Jersey City – 2/20/15 – Talde

I have to admit that my favorite part of this evening was seeing Joe Guidice at a table behind me with a tired stereotypical NJ blonde (and not the same one that appeared on the covers of tabloids a week later).  I love seeing some redevelopment in Jersey City and hope this area continues to improve.  Great food, although nothing was what I would have assumed.  Unfortunately no photos as it was so dark in this restaurant that everything is just a messy black blob.

Jersey City – 9/13/14 – Thirty Acres

Thirty Acres is still the best thing in Hudson County by a mile but unfortunately this wasn’t my favorite meal there. Thankfully the lemon bar always saves the day.

Seared squid – squid ink and roasted garlic sauce, oregano


Spicy eggplants – tahini quark sauce, za’atar, pine nuts, parsley


Shishito peppers – melon guanciale, basil


Fried corn gnocchi – shrimp, tomato sauce, chili flakes, basil


Pork neck – sunflower hozon jus, baby lettuce, chives


Lemon bar