Philadelphia – 12/27/17 – Abe Fisher

Yet another fantastic spot in Philly and another place I’ve been wanting to try for a while.  The pickled mackerel dip was fabulous even though not what I was expecting with lettuce cups.  The sweet potato was perhaps the favorite, although the chicken was pretty great as well.  So glad I wasn’t dissuaded from this visit.

potato latke, herb sour cream, horseradish, aged cheddar

pickled mackerel dip, bibb lettuce, gribenes, beet pickled turnips

baked cheese blintz, mozzarella, Muenster, barley, roasted mushrooms

gin cured fluke, challah, whipped butter, pickled onion

sweet potato, boursin cheese smoked walnuts, pickled long hots

shakos chicken, dried apricot, parsnips, potato and swiss chard kugel

Philadelphia – 12/26/17 – Vernick Food & Drink

I had been wanting to come here for so long and it certainly did not disappoint.  If I lived in Rittenhouse I would probably be here once a week and hope for a seat at the bar with my name on it.

(I wish I could remember what this one was!)

beef tartare, fresh horseradish

yellowfin tuna & sugar snap peas, olive, yogurt, mint

Philadelphia – 2/2/15 – Little Nonna’s

I do love when a business trip allows me to visit with my bff and have a fantastic meal.  Loved having a great view of the kitchen at the chef’s counter even if it was exceedingly warm.  Everything was absolutely delicious….especially the lasagna even though it did not photograph well at all.

Wild mushroom arancini – crispy risotto balls, buffalo mozzarella, truffle aioli

Grilled little gem caesar – chicories, charred broccolini, parmesan, lemon-anchovy dressing, polenta croutons

Arugula & pear salad – fennel, parmesan, toasted hazelnuts, lemon-olive oil dressing

Lasagna al forno – roasted mushrooms, garlic, blistered cherry tomatoes, herbed bechamel

Warm pumpkin spice cake – cinnamon Stracciatella gelato, caramel, pumpkin seed praline

Philly – 7/14/14 – Serpico & Franklin Mortgage & Investment Co

As expected ex-New Yorker Peter Serpico is doing great things in Philly. I may even forgive him for partnering with the intolerable Stephen Starr because I liked this place so much. Loved the decor by Thomas Schlesser and this would be a perfect spot for solo dining because of the very large section of counter seating around the open kitchen. And while we did just arrive just before a deluge, it flooded the restrooms.

Midnight Society – Four Roses Yellow Bourbon, Lairds Applejack, honey, lemon, red wine float

Raw diver scallops – buttermilk, poppy seeds, green yuzu kosho, white soy, chive


Rice cracker


Duck liver mousse – pomegranate, grilled bread


Cope’s corn ravioli – chorizo, white cheese, sour cream, lime, cilantro


Fried maitake mushroom w/ dipping sauces


Caper brined trout – smoked potato salad, pepperonicini, crab, trout roe, chive oil


Toasted apple cake – burnt apple sauce, brown butter, vanilla ice cream, caramel


Franklin Mortgage & Investment Co

The Mother of Invention – Famous Grouse scotch, fernet, Luxardo Maraschino, grapefruit and lemon juices, ginger syrup, peychaud’s bitters, tonic


A Walking Study in Demonology – Rittenhouse Rye, Gran Classico, Branca Menta, cane syrup, allspice dram, angostura