2/9/19 – LA – Destroyer & Trois Mec

Definitely my type of perfect breakfast/brunch.  The only thing possibly wrong with Destroyer is lack of alcohol.  Delicious and inventive.

spelt porridge, roasted mushrooms, poached egg, hazelnuts

beef tartare, smoked egg cream, pickled mushroom, radish sprouts

chicken confit, heirloom grits, spigarello, roasted strawberry

beets, pumpkin seed butter, frozen horseradish cream, blackberry

Trois Mec
It was great to finally get back to Trois Mec after too much time spent next door.

beets, miso mayonnaise, caviar, potato crumble

tofu, condiments, chicken skin

scallop tartar, yuzu kosho, celery and chive juice, toasted country bread

crispy brown rice risotto, uni, saffron, dried citrus

grilled bison sprouting broccoli, mustard, burnt eggplant

black truffle grilled cheese, charcoal ice cream, maple syrup

arugula panna cotta, yuzu granite, lemonade radish

2/8/19 – LA – Providence & Somni

A great spot for a civilized and delicious lunch in LA.


Mostly I am horrified that it is almost a year later and I haven’t been back to Somni yet.  I have been a huge fan of everything in the ThinkFood group for years and Somni is definitely my favorite even after flawless experiences at e and minibar.  Getting back there will be my first New Year’s resolution.

10/6/18 – LA – Bavel & Simone

I can’t quite believe I haven’t been back yet.  My only criticism is that these fantastic dishes that stood out to us on the menu collectively came with too much bread.  If you haven’t been yet, a definite must-do in LA.

Josef – clove infused gin, apple brandy, almond, fennel, lemon


lamb tartare – burnt onion creme fraiche, pickled chive blossom, mint, cinnamon

grilled octopus – orange infused yogurt, sumac, dried bell pepper, sun golds, chervil

slow roasted lamb neck shawarma – tahini, pickled turnips, fermented cabbage, laffa

Simone was highly anticipated after a very delayed opening. But after being plagued by a host of ownership and management issues, and without food that compensated, it is now closed.

seasonal pickles

tomatoes, mustards, sorrel, whipped tahini

red lentil hummus, smashed cucumbers, nasturtium

pole beans, urfa chili creme fraiche, purple tomatillo, almond

ricotta gnudi, grated tomato, guanciale, basil

charred squash, nectarines macadamia salsa macha

hoja santa sturgeon, roasted corn, blistered shishitos

Costa Mesa & LA – 8/18/18 – Taco Maria & Vespertine

Taco Maria
The pork belly taco was the best taco I have had anywhere.


Aguachile – Hokkaido scallop, cucumber, jalapeno, avocado, cilantro oil

Arrachera – hanger steak, roasted chilis, applewood bacon, queso
Tocino – pork belly, piloncillo glaze, plums, salsa de aguacate

I’m still not quite sure what I think about Vespertine. The building is fantastic. Photos really do not do it justice as you need to see it within its neighborhood. I loved the outdoor space where we started and finished as well as the rooftop. But the dining room just felt odd and dark and cold and the music was mind numbing. I can’t say that any of the dishes were memorable but were all just good. At the very least it makes you think.

V E S P E R T I N E – Menu – 08.18.18

Los Angeles – March 31, 2018 – Son of a Gun & Pizzeria Mozza

Sun of a Gun
Still one of my favorite places. The pimento cheese and shrimp will never get old.

pimento cheese dip

peel & eat shrimp

salad of somewhat unknown ingredients

Pizzeria Mozza
I’m very picky about pizza and Mozza is still one of the best. But the carrots were so fantastic that I had to go back for them.

shaved carrots, fennel, mizuna rabe, caraway yogurt & rye

meatballs, mozzarella di bufala, tomato, chili flakes & fresh oregano