Munich – 5/5/15 – Tantris

I wish I had dined at Tantris on my last trip to Munich, and was kicking myself for not doing so after being fairly disappointed in the places I did visit. I vaguely remember looking at some photos and thinking that the decor may be a bit over the top then rushed to judgement and bypassed it on my to-do list. Not that it doesn’t photograph well, but what I thought was ‘too much’ in photos is just really really cool in person. Such a completely unique dining room that you would think wouldn’t work, but totally does. And despite its very large size manages to feel quite cozy. An overall lovely spring menu! I seem to spend all of my time in Germany trying to avoid spargel, but here I had the first preparation that I actually enjoyed. Fantastic wine pairings including perhaps my favorite riesling in memory.

Variation of tuna with mackerel tatar with white asparagus and yuzu

Red mullet with oak choy, yellow curry-lentil puree and sauce mignonette

Medallion of veal fillet with cabbage, carrots, fresh morels and potato gnocchi

Mousse of brilliant savarin in olive cracker with braised rhubarb

Chocolate dumpling with pineapple-papaya-mango ragout and passion fruit ice cream

Munich – 5/19/14 – Ratskeller

The trip is nearing an end and I had yet to eat a sausage. I figured I couldn’t go home and admit to that so it was time to let a colleague take me out for some. For a huge, what I would consider ‘touristy’ place (aka something I would normally avoid at all costs) the food was quite good and the ambience something to be experienced at least once. I skipped the photo of the giant salad which I had just to make myself feel better about all of the meat.






Munich – 5/18/14 – Theresa

If I was here for a bit longer I think I might actually be able to find some decent places (or at least ones better than my initial impressions). I got lucky coming across Theresa inadvertently in some web search for something else. A very cute space, rustic and homey yet slightly industrial and white tablecloths working perfectly with wooden communal tables. I think Germany is probably a few years behind in a proper bloody steak as the menu said all were prepared medium. I was able to request medium rare, which it wasn’t, but very tasty nonetheless and I do appreciate good homemade steak sauce.

Theresa Restaurant

Hugo (prosecco, sparkling water, elderflower syrup, mint, lime)
Baked sheeps cheese – marinated beefsteak tomato, artichoke, olive
Dry aged Black Holstein rib eye from Germany
Caesar salad



Munich – 5/12/14 – Bar Gabanyi

So I guess Munich isn’t the foodie capital of the world. A very late lunch at a super cute place that I wanted to be great. The slushy aperol sour was….a perfect summer drink. The quinoa salad was fine. But the odd steak tartare with burrata I couldn’t even make myself eat. I can’t even let myself think about it while writing this or I may gag.

I had two proper cocktails at Bar Gabanyi which was adorable but I was the only patron for over an hour. I wish it had stayed that way as a group of guys came in, from Chicago, LA and UK and I had to fight off the advances of the LA guy until I could finish my drink and escape. The bartender tried to save me, kudos to him as you don’t see that in NY. I will be back next week.

And as much as it goes against my traveling meal planning, I am now enjoying a quite good shrimp Caesar salad at the hotel bar.






Munich – 5/11/14 – Les Deux, Schumanns Bar, Dallmayr

It’s very hard to believe it’s been about 20 years since I have been here. Day 1 down and I am proud to say I didn’t have a beer or anything from the sausage family. Not that I don’t love both of those things but I want to prove to myself that there is more to this city.

Lunch – Les Deux
Thank you NYT for this one.

Drinks- Schumanns Bar
Where it is a bit odd to see Pegu Club cocktails on the menu.

Dinner – Dallmayr
The only things I will note are (1) in all of my solo dining adventures I have never had the restaurant provide magazines…on the purse stool…I love the idea but didn’t read them as I got 1/2 way through the new Ruth Reichl book and (2) I really don’t like the huge Bavarian white asparagus.