NYC – 4/17/14 – Gato

Many years ago I had a short list of reasons I wanted to move to NYC. One was that I spent many hours watching the early days of the Food Network, loved Bobby Flay, and wanted to be able to go to Mesa Grill and Bolo whenever I wanted. So great to see him still on the line and killing it after so much success.

Lorenzo- manzanilla sherry, Hendricks, st Germaine, muddled cucumber
Angelo – old over holt rye, dolin sweet vermouth, Campari, aperol

Eleven layer potato
Piquillo filled with raw tuna
Lamb tenderloin

Roasted octopus – tangerine, bacon, oregano
Scrambled eggs – almond romesco, voucher on cheese, tomato confit toast

Kale and wild mushroom paella – crispy artichokes, egg
Charred beef – valedon blue cheese brown butter, red wine, broccoli rabe, farro
Roasted cauliflower – pardon peppers, agro dolce

Tarte tatin – salted calvados caramel, vanilla black pepper gelato
Blackberry crostata – strawberry rhubarb gelato











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