Munich – 5/12/14 – Bar Gabanyi

So I guess Munich isn’t the foodie capital of the world. A very late lunch at a super cute place that I wanted to be great. The slushy aperol sour was….a perfect summer drink. The quinoa salad was fine. But the odd steak tartare with burrata I couldn’t even make myself eat. I can’t even let myself think about it while writing this or I may gag.

I had two proper cocktails at Bar Gabanyi which was adorable but I was the only patron for over an hour. I wish it had stayed that way as a group of guys came in, from Chicago, LA and UK and I had to fight off the advances of the LA guy until I could finish my drink and escape. The bartender tried to save me, kudos to him as you don’t see that in NY. I will be back next week.

And as much as it goes against my traveling meal planning, I am now enjoying a quite good shrimp Caesar salad at the hotel bar.






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