Chicago – 5/14/14 – Ceres’ Table

A huge thank you to Scott Manlin for the incredible hospitality. I’m very glad that I happened to pick the first day of a working pizza oven because I definitely would have missed out. I consider myself fairly picky about my pizza and this one passed my #1 criteria, at which almost all others fail, a non-soggy crust in the middle. If I lived in the neighborhood I would be eating this with a side of wagu tartare far too often!

Pizze – capricciosa – flor di latte, basil, artichoke, prosciutto cotto, black olives
Amberjack – arugula, capers, pink peppercorn, smoked olive oil
Smoked swordfish carpaccio – lemon zest, oregano, neonata conserva, chives
Wagyu beef tartare – mustard, cornichons, red onion, quail egg
Burrata di panna – yellow wax beans, blue lake beans, purslane, walnut vinaigrette
Cappellacci – veal bolognese, parmesan, crispy sage, black truffles
Cavatelli – wild boar sugo, escarole, leeks, pecorino
Spaghetti nero – seppie, garlic, chile, ricotta, parsley
Whole fish (blanking on what type!) – with rapini, potatoes, burnt lemon













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