NYC – 8/11/14 – Root & Bone and Morgenstern’s Ice Cream

Root & Bone

The first time I tried to visit Root & Bone unfortunately the basement was flooding. But Chef Janine Booth was so sweet that I couldn’t hold it against them. The space is certainly tiny and in winter, without the windows open, it may feel even more so. But the decor is adorable. On the tables is mismatched china and at the seat next to me a pattern I recognized from many holiday dinners. The food was all delicious and there were enough other things on the menu that I wanted to try that a repeat visit is necessary. Unfortunately the food came out much too quickly. If you aren’t even going to attempt to course out my dinner and space it appropriately, then you should have tables large enough to accommodate everything I’ve ordered. There is nothing worse than feeling rushed to finish a dish otherwise you will be holding on your lap the next thing they bring out.


The twisted mustache – Russels 6yr bourbon, Swedish putsch, citrus, ginger


Drunken deviled eggs


Southern peach caprese – fried pimento cheese, grilled peaches, pickled green tomato, heirloom tomatoes, sticky molasses vinegar, basil


Half bird – sweet tea brined, pickled lemon dusted, spiked tabasco honey


Braised short rib meatloaf – parsnip root mash, tomato ketchup jam, charred spring onions




And a great idea for a bill presentation that I haven’t seen before.



Fernet and ice cream. Is there really anything else that needs to be said?


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