Maine -9/26/14 – Robert’s Maine Grill, Portland Hunt & Alpine Club, and Central Provisions

Robert’s Maine Grill
I never order lobster rolls because they are typically disappointing and always too expensive to be so. But as Robert’s won TT’s Lobster Rumble 2014 I made the family stop for lunch. They all made poor menu choices as I was the only one to order it. Their loss and my gain as it was fantastic. Butter not mayo.






Portland Hunt & Alpine Club
Pre-dinner drinks while waiting for a dinner table. Such a cute space and good cocktails. But most importantly we have found our Christmas ham for this year (as well as Christmas gifts). The ham from Olympic Provisions (the other Portland) on the Hunter bord was amazing and both the pickle and sausage of the month programs are going on my list.





Central Povisions

I knew there would be a substantial wait at Central Provisions as it is tiny and has received a lot of great press recently. When told it was 2 hours my brother and sister-in-law were definitely not amused and were looking at me for a plan B. But I held my ground (and maybe had a bit of a mini temper tantrum). I’m glad I did and I think they are too.

Cantaloupe and figs – lardo, black olive, jalapeño


Roasted squash salad – Rosemary, pomegranate, ricotta salata


Spicy beef salad – sriracha, cilantro, peanuts (So good that we ordered a second!)


Carmelized sheep’s cheese – peaches, 15 year aged balsamic


Smoked carrots – cinnamon, house goat cheese, pistachio


Confit local potatoes – foie gras butter, farm egg, garlic scape


Suckling pig – apple, brown butter, Marcona almond


Tart – key lime


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