Princeton, NJ – 9/29/14 – Mistral

I had been meaning to get Mistral for several months as I need to accept that I now work in the suburbs and make the best of it. But it took me far too long to find somebody to drag along and subject to my picture taking. I’m definitely looking forward to a return visit in cooler weather when I will want to sit beside the very cute fireplace.

Warm falafel salad – sprouted grains, black sesame, carrots cooked in barley


Blue crab salad – green curry, peanuts, coconut, puffed rice


Lamb tartare – kefir, spelt, marinated eggplant


Gulf snapper – tomato escabeche, crispy okra, pardon peppers


Poached egg – pomodoro, roasted squash, bottarga, crunchy pasta


Kali short rib – kimchi,mcicumber, scallion


Sweet steamed bun – plums, buckwheat, miso


Brown butter cake – banana, walnut, rum


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