Chicago – 10/17/14 – Au Cheval, Salero and Aviary

Au Cheval
I do feel horribly that I have been cheating on my former first stop when arriving in Chicago. XOCO I promise to be back soon!





I really enjoyed Ashlee Aubin’s cooking at Wood but its a bit out of the way. So I was very happy that he was opening a place in the West Loop and it did not disappoint!
Jamon Serrano – manchego cheese, compressed pears, Marcona almonds and petite herbs

Chorizo stuffed quail – wilted spinach, golden raisins, pine nuts and Piquillo pepper sauce

Beets and shallots roasted in the embers – with ‘Monte Enebro’ goat cheese, frisée, salsa verde and toasted pistachios

Grilled flat-iron steak – oxtail stuffed Piquillo pepper, braised onions, salt-wrinkled potatoes and sauces mojo rojo and mojo verde

A mystery lamb dish as I failed to write it down and it’s no longer on the menu


I hope the Death Row (shaken, stirred and brewed last words) stays on the menu for a while as the Last Word is one of my all-time favorites. An almost traditional Last Word, the Perennial Last Word collaboration beer, and a cocktail inspired by the beer (which was inspired by the original cocktail). And of course the first few of MANY Black Truffle Explosions of the weekend. Could there ever be too many?




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