Princeton, NJ – 11/4/14 – Agricola

As I spend everyday there I am trying to visit the Princeton spots worth visiting. There were things I really liked about Agricola, but a few I just couldn’t get past. The cocktails were surprisingly good as were the starters. But in November I expect a ‘fall squash’ flatbread to contain butternut or acorn, not what I consider summer squash. And while the cranberry walnut bread pudding sounded delicious it was oddly flavorless and spongy (hence no photo).
Great Road Farm Slow Roasted Beets – coach farm goat cheese, spicy carrots

Kale salad – roasted delicate squash, shaved radish, toasted pumpkin seed vinaigrette

Manchester Farms Quail – polenta, salsa verde

Striped Bass – turnip chowder

Fall squash flatbread – sweet potato, arugula-pecan pesto, house made maple ricotta


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