Prague – 5/1/15 – Sansho

I escaped the mobs of tourists for a calmer area of town and dinner at Sansho.  Far removed from the more traditional restaurants of Prague, Sansho has communal tables and one set menu served family style.  Unfortunately there was no printed menu (at least that I remember) and I took no notes which I blame on jet lag.  I definitely benefited as a solo diner and often seemed to receive the portion for 2 people of several of the dishes.  Service was excellent and I still can’t get over what a value this meal was.   I loved it so much that I seriously considered going back for lunch the next day and am kicking myself for not doing so for the soft shell crab slider alone.

Love the extra touch of flavored water  Salmon sashimi
 Smoked Trout 
Pork Belly Pepper Sauce
Soft shell crab slider
Penang Curry

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