NYC – 7/22/15 – Rebelle

I finally made it to Rebelle and I think it took me at least 30 minutes to get over the fact that this space used to be R Bar.  Having spent a few interesting evenings there it was just crazy to see it as something so completely different.  

The menu is divided into four sections and you are encouraged to order a dish from each which makes me wonder why this isn’t just a 4 course prix fixe.  That said, the portion sizes are small enough that you can even add a course and not feel overwhelmed (and which we happily did with the foie gras).  I’m now a bit torn as to whether Rebelle or Pearl & Ash will be my future go-to before heading to the Bowery Ballroom!

Foie Gras
Fluke – brown butter, sherry, caper, lemon
 Lamb Tartare – green chickpea, olive, yogurt, espelette
 Scallop – turnip, apple, green juice
 Carrots – chanterelle, blue foot, snap peas, black pepper

Monkfish – shellfish, hen of the wood, sea bean

Peach – poached peach, lavender granite, perilla tapioca

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