Nashville – 9/20/15 – Husk

I have procrastinated for quite a while in writing this post because I hate to have to say anything negative about Husk.  I probably won’t ever stop coming here as I could live off of the pimento cheese.  But the service was truly terrible.  Actually nonexistent is probably a better description.  I loved my cocktail and wish I could have had another, except that after originally taking our order, our server never ever came back to our table. I will never understand when I want a drink which represents a high profit margin item and literally cannot order one.  And then evidently we had already eaten too much as we were not even offered a dessert menu and the check was dropped immediately when we finished eating.  I truly hope this was an anomaly but even when food is excellent, bad service can kill the entire experience.

Pimento Cheese with Benne Wafers
 White Lily Biscuits with Black Pepper and Sausage Gravy
 A Plate of Southern Vegetables

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