Washington, DC – 10/1/15 – Little Serow, Jack Rose and Dram & Grain

Little Serow
Luckily it had been pouring down rain all day and so the line at opening was much shorter than I expected.  This New Yorker certainly appreciated the generous table spacing and I quite like a set menu and not having to make any decisions.  While my favorite dish of this meal was the pomelo, I shockingly loved the tofu and it is one of my least favorite ingredients out there.  I will say that for some reason I was expecting the spice level to be much higher than it actually was.  Perhaps previous reviewers can’t tolerate spice or the cooking style has changed in this regard?  Regardless a fantastic experience.

nam prik num
finger chilies/shallots/bla ra

dtam som o
pomelo/lemongrass/rock shrimp
sai oua
pork/garlic/lime leaf
 laap pla duk chiang mai
catfish/galangal/lanna spices
 tow hu thouk
 het grapao
 si krong muu
pork ribs/mekhong whiskey/dill

Jack Rose and Dram & Grain

The whiskey collection is certainly impressive and I still wonder how the bartenders know where anything is located.  Quite fun flights.  We then retired downstairs to Dram & Grain as we all love a hidden speakeasy style cocktail bar.  Unfortunately it was literally so cold that I remember little else about the experience and could focus only on how badly I wanted to leave.  Perhaps in summer this will be a better bet.

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