Morristown, NJ – 10/23/15 – Jockey Hollow Bar & Kitchen

I can’t believe that I find myself trying to talk anybody into heading into the depths of New Jersey for dinner.  Continuously fantastic and worth the drive more so than perhaps anything else in the state.  We ended up with quite a lot of food on this visit and I am proud of my dining companions who aren’t quite the professional eater that I try to be.  Thank you Chris James for the fantastic cocktails.  When I ask to be surprised with something gin based as my first drink and get my absolute favorite, the Last Word, it was obviously going to be a good night.  Congratulations on the well deserved recognition from Esquire magazine!

Braised Octopus – tomato asopao, green olive gremolata
 Autumn Salad – roasted root vegetables, almond cracker, brown butter gastrique
 Hand Cut Sirloin Tartare – potato rosti, cornichons, egg yolk
 Fusilli Pasta – spicy sausage, broccoli rabe, controne beans
 Arancini- mortadella, pistachio, pomodoro sauce
 Caramelized Squash Crostino – gorgonzola and ricotta, toasted pumpkin seeds
 Yellowtail – chicken skin, scallions
 Cheese Plate – robiola fiorita, gorgonzola dolce, pecorino grand cru, castelrosso
 Charcuterie – spicy sopressata, prosciutto, bresaola, pickled vegetables
 Desserts (unfortunately missing descriptions)
 Banana Hammock

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