Miami – 2/19/16 – Michaels Genuine, Broken Shaker and Alter

Michaels Genuine Food & Drink

I don’t think I have ever visited Miami and not dined at Michael’s Genuine.  I’m not quite sure how it became my go-to place but I suppose that years ago it completely stood out as one of the best places in the city.  Every time I come back its just crazy to see how much the Design District has changed.  Consistently solid and I always love their off the street outdoor dining.

falafel – tahini sauce & pickled red onions
 ​golden tilefish ceviche – tangerine, crispy hominy, cucumber, red onion, avocado, cilantro
 ​yellowfin tuna tartare – green tomato, shallots, smoked olive oil, mete lemon aioli, potato chips
 ​roasted broccoli salad – shaved vegetables, quinoa, preserved meyer lemon, tahini dressing
 ​caramelized onion pizza – cave aged gruyere, mozzarella, tomato sauce, thyme, chili flakes

Broken Shaker
Perhaps its just because I prefer to be drinking and dining outdoors, but I love the original Broken Shaker much more than its Chicago version even though they did manage to achieve a similar vibe in completely different settings.  However when I tried to order off menu, I ended up with the drink I was debating just minus one ingredient.  It was one of those times that an actual conversation with the bartender would have been useful as I really just wanted something ‘like’ one of the drinks on the menu.

First a congratulations to Chef Kilgore on being one of this year’s Food & Wine Best New Chefs, an honor which has prompted me to finally finish this post.  Overall this was a really great dinner and I think Alter has an immense amount of promise.  It was too bad that we visited just before the outdoor bar opened as this is a very small space and there was nowhere to wait but on the sidewalk when earlier reservations ran late.  This visit was also slightly after the James Beard semi-finalist nominations came out so perhaps it was busier than usual.  But after being seated very late we waited quite a while for a server to appear at all.  It was very dark so unfortunately these are not the best photographs.  The soft egg was absolutely fantastic and I think on a return visit I would absolutely order two.  I’m missing a description of the strawberry dessert but loved it (and the first course as well).  I’m looking forward to seeing how this place evolves over the next year.

shaved cobia – vetrano olive snow, rice masago, green mustard oil, garlic dashi
 soft egg – sea scallop espuma, chive, truffle pearls, gruyere, caviar
 udon noodle – porcini sabayon, rabbit confit, blistered scallion, shiitake

grouper cheeks – black rice, shoyu hollandaise, sea lettuces

glazed short rib – grits, red onion caramel, wild garlic oil, smoked peanuts
 strawberry ??

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