Napa – 9/5/16 – Two Birds One Stone

A completely fantastic first night in Napa.  A  unique concept for the area, gorgeous space and fantastic company.

iberico de bellota pork, spiced vietnamese caramel, kimchee

head on prawns, charred lime, sudachi salt

fried forbidden rice, lap cheong, sunny side up egg, chili oil

chicken meatballs, green onions, hoisin

savory japanese pancake, green onion, sambal mayo

barely cooked king salmon, myoga, pickled negi, chilled dashi gel

“chips n dip” pickled plum kewpie mayo
“radishes and butter” dashi compressed radishes, roasted nori goat milk butter
lotus root kimchee

hirame sashimi, cucumber, compressed melon

japanese green tea soft serve ice cream, ginger crumbles
black sesame soft serve ice cream, roasted plum

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