NYC – 7/15/17 – the Breslin

I really cannot say enough good things about the large format fried chicken dinner at the Breslin.  I was skeptical as nothing for a group ever seems to be as good as individual.  My pictures do not at all convey how much food there was.  We could have easily fed twice as many people.  Everything was absolutely delicious and I could not stop eating.  And for NYC this was an absolutely incredible value.


Portland, OR – 4/16/15 – Pepe le Moko

A perfect late night stop for a fantastic cocktail and snacks.  I have to say I am thrilled to see the amaretto sour resurrected.  Granted I didn’t know any better, but this was my favorite drink in my college days.  And done right, its really is so good. Oddly as I was sitting here drinking my amaretto sour, I happened upon the recent Eater article about blue drinks so of course my second drink had to be the blue hawaii.

Amaretto sour

Blue Hawaii 
Roasted carrots (maybe some of the best I have ever had)