NYC – 5/1/14 – Gato

I guess I am one of a few who knew this place would be great before it even opened. I planned to stop for a few bites at the bar before an early show and showed up a few minutes before the doors opened thanks to some B train good luck. By 5:30 there were at least 20 ppl in line. 2 weeks ago it was a totally different scene so it seems everybody else waited for the reviews to come out before jumping on the bandwagon.

Squid – bacon, garlic
Piquillo filled with raw tuna – saffron sauce
Eggplant – manchego, oregano, balsamic

White chicory salad – chorizo, egg, fontina, apricot-almond dressing

Charred carrots – parsnip chips, Harissa, mint, yogurt

Kale and wild mushroom pizza – crispy artichokes, egg








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