Munich – 5/18/14 – Theresa

If I was here for a bit longer I think I might actually be able to find some decent places (or at least ones better than my initial impressions). I got lucky coming across Theresa inadvertently in some web search for something else. A very cute space, rustic and homey yet slightly industrial and white tablecloths working perfectly with wooden communal tables. I think Germany is probably a few years behind in a proper bloody steak as the menu said all were prepared medium. I was able to request medium rare, which it wasn’t, but very tasty nonetheless and I do appreciate good homemade steak sauce.

Theresa Restaurant

Hugo (prosecco, sparkling water, elderflower syrup, mint, lime)
Baked sheeps cheese – marinated beefsteak tomato, artichoke, olive
Dry aged Black Holstein rib eye from Germany
Caesar salad



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