NYC – 6/20/14 – Eataly

Yes this entry is going to be dedicated to gelato. First, I’m sure my nephew would tell you it’s worthy of such (well maybe when he is old enough to distinguish ice cream from gelato) and second, because I accidentally deleted my dinner photos. I eat at Eataly more often than anywhere else in NY and by a large margin. But as often as I am there I have never had the gelato. I typically refuse to wait in line for anything in NY and I try my best to limit the indulgences while at home. Yes I always knew it was fantastic just based on Otto’s and yes I’ve had it a few times at Eataly Chicago where the line seems more civilized. But now that the seal has been broken I don’t trust my willpower. If I gain 10 lbs because of the hazelnut I somehow blame you MFC. Linc, when are you coming to visit?

One thought on “NYC – 6/20/14 – Eataly

  1. I keep meaning to tell you how cute this post was! I told Linc about it and he was like, what’s gelato??? Can’t wait for you to take him on a gastronomic tour of NYC, starting with Eatly!!!

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