NYC – 6/22/14 – The Nomad Bar

I think the New Nomad Bar will be in frequent rotation. I do fear however that it will soon become as insanely crowded as the Library and Elephant Bar next door. But perhaps at least for the summer the standard crowd will be in the Hamptons!

Even though it’s hardly a summer dish I had been thinking about the chicken pot pie all day. Its essentially the bar version of the Nomad’s roasted chicken for 2. It did not disappoint and I may go as far as to say that I like it more than the roasted chicken (if I’m allowed to say that).

Shuttlecock – Cab franc, moscatel sherry, maraschino liqueur, yellow chartreuse, lemon, blackberries, mint, orange

Snow pea salad with pancetta, pecorino & mint


Scotch Dumpling – apple brandy,mislay scotch, amaro Montenegro,black pepper, lemon, egg white


Chicken Pot Pie – black truffle & foie gras


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