NYC – 6/28 & 6/29/14 – Eataly and the Nomad Bar

As I seem to eat at Eataly once a week this is hardly noteworthy other than I think I am finally improving on the close-up photos.

Farmers Salad

I think I may have said that I would only do one post on the Nomad Bar, but evidently I didn’t really mean it. I may have to go through the entire menu before I stop posting pictures and yes I have already decided what I am having next week. This is going to become a bad Sunday habit.

the Nomad Bar
Forbidden Dance – genever, Aquavit, amontillado sherry, velvet falernum, vanilla, orgeat, pineapple, lime, nutmeg


Broccoli rabe salad with anchovy & parmesan


Tuna tartare – pine nuts, apple & mint served with rye crisps & cured quail egg


Satan’s Circus – rye, thai bird chili infused aperol, cherry herring, lemon


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