NYC – 11/9/14 – Claudette

It is always nice to be very pleasantly surprised by a meal. I went into Claudette expecting only a very cute space, which it certainly delivers on, and a solid menu. It absolutely exceeded expectations and my only disappointment was that I had to skip dessert in order to get to a show on time. I’m looking forward to a return brunch visit as it is rare that I see a NYC brunch menu that interests me. Lastly, I LOVE the large doors that open to the sidewalk. This was one of my favorite things about Locanda Verde years ago and then several trips in a row in lovely weather the doors were closed and so I stopped going back.

Brigitte – chartreuse, noilly prat vermouth, cucumber

Spring peas & radish – ras el hanout vinaigrette


Fennel salad – almond, dried apricot, tarragon


Cockles – cuttlefish, couscous, cauliflower, red jalapeño


Corsican mint salad – arugula, hearts of palm, green beans, quinoa


Chicken tagine – Swiss chard, bulgar, almond, orange, Harissa


2 thoughts on “NYC – 11/9/14 – Claudette

  1. Chartreuse!!!! It’s inescapable!!!!! But, the menu itself looked Awesome (not sure about the cockles but Adam would eat them). Sounds like a fun place. I swear I am coming down for a girls weekend or something before the end of the year. Maybe as a Xmas present to myself…..

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