NYC – 10/25/14 – Marta

I’m always excited to check out a new Danny Meyer place although in this case I was a bit skeptical as I am of all new pizza places. The food was all great, especially the pizza (and I dislike far more than I like). Unfortunately the service was dreadful. My pizza cooled while I waited 20+ minutes for my water glass to be refilled, and when I finally was able to get my servers attention to ask it took another 5 min for her to reappear. And of course I was never asked if I wanted another cocktail. I hope these were just opening kinks that will be quickly worked out.

La Certosa – green & yellow chartreuse, AMA Bionda Ale & lemon
Polo – charred octopus, sun chokes, oranges, castelfranco

Patate Alla Carbonara – potatoes, guanciale, black pepper, pecorino, egg


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