NYC – 11/14/14 – Little Park

I try to shy away from visiting restaurants right after opening preferring that they work out the kinks on somebody other than me. And more often than not I’ve been burned when deviating from this rule. However I found myself in the neighborhood of Little Park during its opening week so decided I couldn’t pass up the opportunity. After admittedly being disappointed by Andrew Carmellini’s Lafayette I am happy to say that experience has been wiped from my memory. Everything we tried was delicious and some of the plating, such as the butternut squash, is much more refined than I was expecting. And the fall sundae is even better than it sounds. I will definitely be going back for that before the season is over.

Apple buck – James Oliver rye, Strega, lemon, red jacket orchards Apple cider, dandelion & burdock bitters, fever tree ginger beer

Crispy Brussels sprouts – smoked parsnip, apple
Endive – pear, walnut, sheep cheese

Butternut squash – burrata, nasturtium

Roasted sunchokes – hazelnut, black trumpet

Whole wheat spaghetti – pork, cabbage

Fall sundae of Apple & beer


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