NYC – 11/16/14 – Root & Bone

I enjoyed Root & Bone so much for dinner that I had to return for brunch when it was finally added. The menu contains quite a few items from the dinner menu but there are some new ones as well. Be prepared for a lengthy wait despite how quickly they turn tables.

Marquee – gin, honeydew, lemon, sparkling wine & absinthe rinse
Applejack smash – applejack, maple syrup, muddled lemon, mint & peychaud’s bitters
Drunken deviled eggs

Rainbow beets & other roots salad – ricotta creme, citrus, tart apple, watercress & smokey candied pecans

Bird – sweet tea brined, lemon dusted, spiked Tabasco honey

Braised short rib meatloaf & eggs – parsnip root mash, slow poached eggs, horseradish, tomato ketchup jam

Sticky toffee pudding


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