Amsterdam – 11/27/14 – Restaurant Anna & Door 74

Restaurant Anna
I was somewhat skeptical of Restaurant Anna as soon as I realized that it was located in the very touristy part of the city. Generally I avoid eating in these areas no matter where I am. However once inside the tourists seemed far away and the space was much more warm and inviting than it appeared in pictures. An absolutely lovely meal and great start to this trip.


Bitterballen amuse

Salmon marinated in limoncello and sea salt with compote of celery and ginger, froth of lemongrass, Dutch shrimps and crunch of peanuts, coconut and curry

Roast venison with jam of red cabbage, mashed potatoes, mushrooms and sauce P.X. Sherry

I also had a great dessert which I evidently dug right into before taking a picture.
Apple taste tatin with caramel sauce, almond and Tahiti vanilla ice cream

Door 74
As the day went on and I didn’t get a response to my reservation request I was getting a bit nervous that I wouldn’t get in. But I finally heard back and set off to try to find the unmarked entrance to Door 74. I was actually stumped for a few minutes even though I should be an expert in this by now. Definitely the coolest menu I have seen in a while, continuing the space theme throughout. But the only photo that turned out as the space was incredibly dark.


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