Chicago – 12/5/14 – Dove’s Luncheonette, The Drawing Room, Parachute, and Aviary

Dove’s Luncheonette
I had wanted to visit Dove’s on my previous trip to Chicago but for some reason never made it and had regretted it. So it was the first stop for this trip. This corner of Wicker Park certainly now has a lot of great dining options. I was very curious to see how the Pozole would compare to the XOCO one that I love, and was happy to see that it was very different, and so there was no need to even draw comparisons and I could just enjoy!

Apple celery salad

Back to Life Cocktail

Chili con carne

Pozole rojo


The Drawing Room
I have no idea how this was my first and only visit to the Drawing Room as it is imminently closing. No definitely regret it, especially as it’s only a few steps away from the Thompson where I often stay.


Thankfully Parachute began taking limited reservations.

White beets, umbeoshi, cashew, cocoa nibs

Baked potato bing bread, bacon, scallion, sour cream butter

Cured cobia, mandarin, green radish, Korean chili

Pork belly and mung bean pancake, kimchi, black garlic, hen egg, pineapple

Smokey thick cut kalbi, honey, crispy shallots, shoos

Hand torn noodle, spicy lamb soffits, Sichuan peppercorn, cumin

Almond shortbread bittersweet chocolate, persimmon, chestnut mousse


Organized Chios – Rosemary, chartreuse, Armagnac, mastic

O’Doyle Rules – fried banana, clarified banana, curry, rum, cognac

Hay is for Horses – maple, gin, grapefruit, rose, horseradish

Death Row – shaken, stirred and brewed last words



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