Chicago – 12/6/2014 – 42 grams and the Office

42 grams
I was very fortunate to have made this reservation prior to the release of the 2015 Michelin Guide. Once again I had a truly fantastic experience at 42 grams and a huge congratulations to Jake and Alexa on their 2 stars. So well deserved! I can’t wait for the next menu.

Crispy snacks – pecorino crisp, Vidalia onion parchment, fish-n-chip

Perky toe crab – tomatillo, avocado, jicama, toastada, espelette pepper

Mojama de Atun – frozen sweet pea, seabuckthorn, apricot kernel, oxalis


Flavors of the Sea – red spot prawn, smoked roe, caviar, phytoplankton, sea vegetables

Green Curry – white sturgeon, jasmine rice, chicken skin, cashew

Skuna Bay Salmon – tea smoked with fallen pine, matsutake mushroom, spent grain, dash


Cultured Barley Porridge – pig heart, jowl, enoki, grains, grapefruit, mugolio

Veal Sweetbread – foie gras, black truffle, ash-baked eggplant, ground cherry

A5 Miyazaki Wagyu – bone marrow, beef tendon, umeboshi, baby boo choy

Matcha Green Tea – sesame, yuzu

Tart – kalamansi, oxalis blossom, honey

Sweet – candle, tamarind, brown butter, roasted banana, hazelnut, bubblegum hyssop



The Office
As usual amazing off menu drinks by the lovely Julia Momose and more glassware that I covet. And I somehow managed to make room for a Wagyu tartare nightcap.





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