Chicago – 1/2/15 – Nico Osteria, the lounge @ Sixteen, and The Berkshire Room

Nico Osteria
How completely predictable to find myself back here again. But when you have friends who haven’t been it’s the perfect justification.
Madai snapper – kohlrabi salsa verde, nasturtium

Endive salad – butter lettuce, hazelnut, pear, ribiolina

Bar Harbor Mussels – vermouth, almond butter

Rigatoni -northern ragu

The lounge at Sixteen
Sixteen is at the top of my to-do list as soon as spring hits Chicago and it is warm enough to at least set foot on the terrace. But even in winter this is the best view in Chicago. The absolute perfect evening to be enjoying a glass of Dom Perignon with the best possible view of one of my favorite buildings in Chicago. Thank you Doug for taking such good care of us!




Berkshire Room
Definitely one of my Chicago favorites! A great evening catching up with friends old and new!


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