Chicago – 12/31/14 – Little Goat and Sepia

Little Goat
I finally, finally ordered something other than the parathus burrito. I may have a new favorite….seriously awesome salad!
The chickpea – kale, chopped veggies, montamore cheese, tzatziki, chee vinaigrette, chicken


After a last minute change in NYE dinner plans, we found ourselves dining at the bar at Sepia. Of course it being NYE there was a set 4 course menu. The squash tart and sausage were both course 2 and of course both desserts are represented in the photos. Overall a lovely start to the evening. And that rabbit sausage was to die for!

kona kampachi ceviche, smoked jalapeño, coconut milk

kabocha squash tart, multigrain sable crust, brown butter

rabbit sausage, black truffle, celery root, truffle jus

beef short rib “au poivre,” yukon gold potato puree

pear, chestnut, caramelized fennel, olive oil jam

chocolate date cake, creme fraiche, hazelnut, honey


And a big thank you to Greg for hosting, and Michelle and Brian for organizing, an amazing NYE party!

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