Miami – 1/22/15 – Harry’s Pizzeria, the Broken Shaker, Khong River House, and Blackbird Ordinary

Harry’s Pizzeria
I will be honest, after arriving from the arctic of the northeast US, my first al fresco meal in Miami could have been anything and I would have been thrilled. Lovely salads and a very tasty and light pizza (and I am exceedingly picky about pizza!).
Polenta Fries

Warm Brussels Sprouts & Stracciatella – pears, pistachio, herbs, creamy parmigiano dressing

Kale – roasted beets, onion, goat cheese, sunflower seed dressing, dill

Short rib pizza – cave aged gruyere, caramelized onion, arugula


The Broken Shaker
Such an incredibly cute outdoor space and you would never know that you were in the backyard of a hostel. I loved the small touches like the rosemary infused water. This is a place I could easily hang out in all night if I lived in Miami or was in town for longer.


Long distance call – Bombay gin shaken with strawberry cucumber shrub, allspice infused martini bianco and fresh lemon
Al Pastor AKA Mitchell Rizzo – Olmeca Altos Tequila shaken with spicy chorizo cordial, pineapple, fresh lime and a hint of mezcal

Strega Genesis – Bacardi superior white rum swizzled with liquor strega, basil, lime and celery bitters


Khong River House
My only regret of this meal is that we didn’t take the leftovers back to the hotel for breakfast the next day. We absolutely loved everything and I don’t think I have had a crab rangoon in 15+ years!
Thai 75 – Nolet’s gin, lemongrass, lychee puree, sparkling wine
Thai Garden – lavender infused Beefeater gin, yellow chartreuse, fresh lime, fresh pressed cucumber juice

Mekong Spicy Green Papaya Salad – green papaya, tomatoes, long beans, thai chili, lime, tamarind, garlic, palm sugar, dried shrimp, roasted peanuts & fish sauce

Crab Rangoons

Laotian Drunken Rice Noodles – gingered soy sauce, Paradise Farm vegetables, thai basil

Duck Confit & Chinese sausage fried rice – green beans, sunny side up egg


Blackbird Ordinary
Oddly our hotel bar was not open past 10pm on weeknights so I walked the 3 blocks to Blackbird Ordinary which I had wanted to check out anyway. This would be a cool spot for a concert in the back room or with a group. But I unfortunately made a bad menu choice and this drink was incredibly sweet. I tried to order a second to redeem myself but after 20 minutes or so of trying to get the bartender’s attention I asked for my check and left.
Pink Flamingo – Beefeater gin infused with raw pistachios, house raspberry syrup, fresh raspberries, egg white and lemon


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