Miami – 1/23/15 – Michael’s Genuine & the Cypress Room

Michael’s Genuine Food & Drink
This has been my go-to Miami destination for quite a while. Aside from the food, I love the outdoor space and the non South Beach location. I decided to forego it this trip to get to some new places. But after an Uber disaster and not having enough time to get to my planned pre-dinner cocktail location, we decided to stop here. The renovations look fantastic and it is such an improvement over the previous awkwardly split space.


The Fiddler – Rittenhouse rye, Ferrand Dry Curaçao, grapefruit, basil
Cabarete – aperol, St. Germain, sparkling wine, fresh watermelon, orange bitters


The Cypress Room
Such eclectic decor that somehow all works together. Loved this space (and I wonder if it had anything to do with the small size and close tables making me feel like I was at home). Beautiful cocktails, lighting, and fantastic service. And of course lamb tartare wins me over every time.

Before & After- the Botanist gin, avera amaro, salers apertif, lemon, luxardo maraschino
Go Lightly – Cocchi americano, St. Germain, sparkling wine, lemon peel



Grand Aioli – raw local vegetables, petite greens, stone crab

Lamb Tartare – quail egg, toast

The Cypress burger – jasper hill landaff, onion marmalade

Fish – heirloom tomato, cucumber, couscous




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