Chicago – 1/31/15 – Sportsman’s Club, the Office, Aviary, the Drifter, Celeste

I’m always looking for a reason to head to Chicago so a birthday at crawl was better than most.  Unfortunately I somehow didn’t take any drink pictures at my first stop and this is all I ended up with.  I was aiming for a background of Pappy but ended up with a deer head.  Back to my rural PA roots I guess.

Next we of course headed to the Office and Aviary.  So many reasons why I love this place.  The drinks of course.  Impeccable service. The fantastic people.  But also because they raise the bar every single time.  I always think ‘how will they top this?’ and inevitably they do.   Seriously above and beyond.



Loved this so much.  How can you not just laugh at seeing a gatorade cooler where you least expect it ?

Loaded to the Gunwalls – mace, pineapple, hazelnut, Batavia arrack

Next we braved the snow and made our way to the Drifter.  Such a cool space and of course I always love a hidden entrance.  I hope to get back here soon!  Congrats Liz!

And as you can imagine by the time we reached Celeste I had totally forgotten to take pictures of anything!


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