NYC – 3/4/15 – Dirty French

It has taken me much too long to get to Dirty French.  In my defense I was traveling most of the first few months it was open.  But I was also afraid that I was going to be underwhelmed and that it was going to be too loud in addition to various other negative comments I had read online.  The fantastic flatbread started dinner on the right note and overall all of the food was excellent.  It was loud yes, but not as bad as I had anticipated.  And service was extremely friendly, although I sat with an empty cocktail glass in front of me for much too long without being asked if I wanted another.  Much like Carbone I can’t help but feeling that it is overpriced and so it won’t be in regular rotation.  But it was perfect for celebrating a friend’s birthday and I do look forward to a return visit.

Flatbread w/ Fromage blanc

Carpaccio – lamb, aubergine, yogurt 

Millefeuille – trumpet royale, green curry 

Meunière – brook trout, sesame, dried apricots 

Duck a l’ Orange – ras el hanout, preserved oranges

Chèvre Salade – kale, sunchokes, sand pear

Pommes Frites

Tatin – pineapple, banana, rum raisin ice cream

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