NYC – 2/7/17 – 4 Charles Prime Rib

I first went to 4 Charles specifically for the burger but was so envious of those around me and their amazing looking dishes of prime rib.  So of course I immediately booked a return visit.  Many many years ago I was a big fan of steakhouses but after one too many overcooked pricey pieces of meat I largely stopped trying.  It was lovely to have a fond reminder of why I loved this genre in the first place.  I think I had meat sweats all night and barely slept but it was completely worth it.

Shrimp cocktail
4 Charles house salad

Brussel sprouts

Chicago cut

Lemon meringue pie

NYC – 2/5/17 – Fowler and Wells

I thought that Super Bowl Sunday was the perfect day to get into an otherwise perpetually crowded restaurant.  But after criss crossing the city from White Gold and Flora, both of which were closed, I realized we would have to resort to a hotel restaurant.  [Side note that if you are randomly closing post it on your website or social media!]  So we headed downtown for drinks in the beautiful lobby of the Beekman and dinner at Fowler and Wells.  It was absolutely delicious and an easy choice over Augustine next door for future visits to this area.

marinated fluke with radishes and finger limes

chestnut agnolotti with celery root and black truffles

Embarrassingly I cannot remember entree descriptions!


NYC – 2/2/17 – Upland

After having a terrible service experience at Upland soon after it opened I vowed not to visit again.  But needing something in the area with last minute availability I gave it a second chance.  The second time was a charm and it couldn’t have been better.

hamachi crudo, radish, yuzu kosho vinaigrette & red sorrel

beef tartare, black trumpet mushroom, puffed farro, anchovy & egg yolk

sausage & kale pizza

little gem salad, avocado, cucumber, ricotta salata & walnut vinaigrette

NYC – 1/13/17 – Leuca

I have yet to meet an Andrew Carmellini restaurant that I didn’t like.  This is a very large space but is very warm and inviting and the design makes it feel more intimate.  Perhaps one of my favorite spaces so far this year.  If I lived in Williamsburg I would be a regular at the large bar.  As I don’t this may become a regular stop before shows at Brooklyn Bowl.

Italian butter bean dip with wild mushroom sott’aceto

Mussels & clams, italian beer, pepperoni

Smoked beets, pistachio, ricotta salata

Artichokes alla gricia, duck egg, guanciale

18th avenue – mushrooms, parmigiano-reggiano, basil

Penne pugliese, rabbit, black kale, chickpea


Sicilian pistachio cake, olive oil ice cream

NYC – 1/11/17 – Nix

Its nice to see a vegetarian spot doing so well as I lean this direction for most of the week (until the meat cravings hit).  There are vegan choices as well but I honestly ignored them.  The spreads were quite good and the gnocchi the definite winner of the dishes we ordered.  I read many positive reviews of the cauliflower tempura but I just didn’t get it as the cauliflower was lost and the sauce was a bit overwhelming.

avocado, mint & curry
red pepper & walnut

shaved brussels sprouts, gran queso & almonds

potato gnocchi, celery root, chestnuts & truffle butter

cauliflower tempura with steamed buns & house pickles

NYC – 1/8/17 – Pondicheri

Unfortunately this was one of the coldest nights of the winter and the back of the restaurant apparently has no heat or insulation.  In fairness we were offered a choice of tables and were warned of the temperature issue.  We definitely did not appreciate how bad it was but why not space heaters?   The food was delicious but my enjoyment was somewhat limited.  Everything arrived at once even though it could barely fit on the table and obviously got cold very quickly.  I am looking forward to a return visit but will wait until the temperature warms up.  And a few visits to the bakery case in the front until then.

E100 sour

complimentary ‘chips’

Roghan josh lamb – lamb & root vegetables stewed with coconut, almonds, yogurt, cardamom & Kashmiri red chili; carrot roti & saffron cucumber raita

chicken cooked in 25 spices & masalas with tomato, fenugreek & white poppy seeds

pistachio apricot naan with cilantro chutney
goat & lentil masala samosa