NYC – 4/4/15 – Cafe Boulud

One of my earliest NYC restaurant memories is a trip to Cafe Boulud with my aunt & uncle who were visiting from out of town well over a decade ago.  That of course was the Andrew Carmellini era and while I don’t remember anything that I ate, I must have loved it as I followed Chef Carmellini when he left to open A Voce.  For no reason other the UES seems so far away I hadn’t been back since.  So it was appropriate to finally return with my same relatives so many years later.  Still lovely so many years later.

Tai Snapper Tartare, caraway, paddlefish caviar, watermelon radish, cucumber dill broth

Crescent Farms Pekin Duck, lavender honey, kasha, currants, turnip, arugula, jus de canard

Colorado Lamb Loin, fava bean, panisse, spring garlic, morel mushroom, jus

Crêpe Cake, poached rhubarb, thyme diplomat, ricotta sorbet

Marrakesh Delight


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