Portland, OR – 4/18/15 – Tasty n Alder, Olympia Provisions, Whiskey Soda Lounge, and Le Pigeon

Tasty n Alder
I don’t know why there can’t be a brunch place like this everywhere. I love the idea of brunch, but mostly hate brunch menus. Too many repeats of the same uninspired dishes and its usually just not worth it. So many things on this menu that I wanted to try. The radicchio salad may have been predominantly bacon, cheese and egg, but that is exactly why it was so delicious. And if one bacon and egg dish is good, two is definitely better. The Bim Bop should be on brunch menus everywhere.

Radicchio – bacon lardons, manchego, chopped six minute egg

Griddled banana walnut bread, cajeta 
Bim Bop Bacon & Eggs 

Olympia Provisions (formerly Olympic Provisions)
I discovered Olympia Provisions last year in the other Portland.  We were waiting for a table at Central Provisions, stopped at Portland Hunt & Alpine Club for drinks and a snack which was a ‘bord’ that included Olympia Provisions Sweetheart Ham.  We loved it, ordered 2 hams over the holidays and then I received the best Christmas gift a girl could ask for – a salami of the month membership.  So even though this was lunch following brunch, I had to check out one of their locations.  I just hope my membership is renewed next year!

Italian Board – two italian salamis, mortadella, capicola, italian sausage, taleggio, fennel-parsley salad, olives

Whiskey Soda Lounge
While I try not to visit places with NY outposts, I often am just curious to see what the originals are like.  I made a quick afternoon stop for a cocktail and this was the perfect refreshing choice after a long trek through the Japanese Garden.

Le Pigeon

Another place I have wanted to visit for years was Gabriel Rucker’s Le Pigeon.  I think its amazing for a restaurant 9 years old to still have lines at opening time and I’m certainly glad that I got there early and made the first seating or I would have missed my flight.  The Hamachi was one of the most beautiful dishes I have had in months and I’m still thinking about the rice pudding.  And the signature foie profiterole certainly lived up to my expectations!

Hamachi, teriyaki pineapple, pickled jalapeño, foie gras macadamia nut butter, shiso
Roast Pork & Prawn Salad, fresh almond, chickpeas, zucchini, poblano tomatillo dressing
Fish special
Beef Cheek Bourguignon 2015, epoisses risotto, oyster mushrooms, dijon pickled onion, sweet herbs
Jade Rice Pudding, rhubarb fritters, toffee sauce
Foie Gras Profiteroles with sea salt and caramel sauce

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