NYC – 4/20/15 – Cosme

I have to admit that I just wasn’t as blown away by Cosme as everybody else in NY and beyond seems to be. Maybe it was just overhyped and my expectations were too high. The space is comfortable and service was quite good. But overall it was just ‘good.’  After ordering one cocktail that was far more ice than cocktail, I switched to wine. The chicharron and hamachi were good, but I’ve had far better versions elsewhere. As someone who favors more savory desserts I did quite like the husk meringue but it certainly wasn’t the prettiest to look at. I went back to re-read the NYT review and do find it interesting that it contained an Estella analogy as its the other NYC restaurant that I think is extremely overhyped and I completely disagree with all of the accolades it has received. But I guess you can’t love everything.

Chicharron, radish, cilantro, avocado, hot sauce

Sliced raw hamachi, fermented serranos, fish sauce, black lime

Smoked raw sepia, salsa mexicana, avocado

Duck carnitas, onions, radishes salsa verde

Husk meringue with corn mousse

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