NYC – 5/23/15 – Clocktower

I’ve been a fan of Jason Atherton’s for quite a while and so was quite excited to try Clocktower soon after it opened.  In general out-of-town chef’s who open restaurants in NYC when not living here just don’t make it and I’m usually not sad to see them go.  But I certainly hope that Clocktower sticks around for a while.  There were some service issues with the timing of courses but as I was there so soon after opening I forgive them!  I’m generally not a fan of cocktails with savory components but these were some of the best that I have had and actually some of the best cocktails overall that I have had in NY in recent memory.  While the starters and salad were great, and the cote de boeuf amazing, its oddly the green bean and foie gras salad that stole the show for me.  A completely standout side dish that should be its own starter!

Los Pollos Hermanos – Del Maguey Vida mescal, Olmeca Altos blanco, herb infused agave, lemon juice, chicken stock, egg white
Give Peas a Chance – Beefeater gin, yellow Chartreuse, salted pea cordial, lemon juice, mint, Butterfly absinthe, egg white, flora

Warm white asparagus, slow-cooked egg, chicken thigh, chicken cornflakes

Roasted sea scallops, ragout of line caught squid, cepe, bacon, celery root puree

English breakfast radishes, salad leaves, cucumbers, feta and pistachio puree

40 day dry aged cote de boeuf 32 oz, green bean and foie gras salad, bone marrow jus, potato gratin

Strawberries and cream, vanilla custard, olive oil cake, verjus sorbet


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