NYC – 6/13/15 – Santina

As many reviews have said, Santina is the hit of the summer.  Its definitely my favorite opening this year and I will continue to visit frequently.  Hence this may be the last time I add it to the blog otherwise the entires will become far too numerous.  The food is consistently fantastic but on this visit, despite being one of the first parties in the restaurant at 10:15 am, we were seated at the worst possible table right by the entrance to the kitchen and bathrooms.  Perhaps a minor detail, yet no need for that when the dining room is completely empty.  I somehow didn’t take a photo, but a big thank you to the kitchen for the pannetone french toast.  We didn’t even think to order it but it was some of the best french toast I’ve ever had!

Giardinia Crudité

Salmon Affumicato Cecina

Arugula Fig Salad

Shrimp Zingara with a poached egg

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