NYC – 8/4/15 – La Pecora Bianca

I love having another great dining option in a neighborhood that I find myself in most days of the week and often quite hungry following a workout. A very wise friend of mine cautioned me against visiting new restaurants too soon after opening and I probably should have listened. Service was completely confused and at one point I almost left. To be fair this was day 2 so I forgive and shouldn’t even mention the service issues as they are probably ironed out by now. The salads were exactly what I was looking for on a hot evening. And a fantastic idea with the small bites that everybody receives to start. I definitely see many return visits in my future.
Formaggi and Salumi Pomodori – Garden peach tomatoes, pickled shallots, basil Verdure Verdi – Sugar snap, snow, and green peas, fava beans, asparagus, pecorino   

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