Lisbon – 10/31/15 – Cantinho do Avillez

Ending my weekend of Jose Avillez restaurants was Cantinho do Avillez and not to take anything away from Belcanto but this may have been my favorite.  I can’t recall the name of my first cocktail or the ingredients but it was essentially an adult Orange Julius which remains my favorite part of going to the mall to this day.  The head cheese was hands down my favorite head cheese dish ever.  I wasn’t so sure when I ordered about the mustard and pickles sauce but it was completely fantastic and the most memorable dish of this trip.  And surprisingly the black pork one of the best pork dishes I have had in ages.

Head cheese, mustard and pickles sauce, capers and shredded egg
 Baked ‘Nisa’ cheese with ham and rosemary honey

Alentejo black pork, French fries, coriander and garlic ‘farofa’ with black beans
   Fruit salad with mojito foam  

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