NYC – 12/4/15 – Contra w/ in de wulf

I’m not sure if I will make it to in de wulf before they shutter at the end of the year so what a fantastic opportunity to have Kobe Desramualts’ food at this collaboration dinner with Contra.  Definitely a longer menu than I was expecting and while the pacing wasn’t the best, it was actually better than I expect at any event where there rhythm of the kitchen is vastly disrupted.  It seems so predictable to be my favorite course, but I could have eaten 4 more of the kerremelkstampers.  I hope that Contra keeps doing these!

beetroot, sloeberry yogurt

sea urchin, carrot, husk cherry
 kohlrabi, scallop, green strawberry

mussel broth, charcoal roasted vegetables
 kerremelkstampers, caviar

monkfish, celeriac, liver

red kuri squash, crab, egg yolk

lobster and homemade butter

persimmon, tangerines, bourbon

chocolate, sunchoke, beer

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